2017 Handbag Trends: Fun Styles That Rocked The Runways

Posted on: 26 June 2017

If you find shopping for new clothing your favorite activity every time the season changes, yet you have coupled your new ensembles with the "same old" handbag for years, then you may be inspired to have fun shopping for a new handbag this season after you find out what the fashion experts predict will be the biggest handbag trends of 2017. Fashions displayed on the New York runways inspire new trends all over the country, and not a single handbag worn by a model on the runway this year could ever be referred to as "boring." 

Read on to learn about the biggest handbag trends of spring/summer 2017 already are and what the fashion experts predict will be the biggest trends of fall 2017. 

Spring/Summer 2017 Handbag Trends: Go Big or Go Tiny

While a wide variety of handbag styles are in fashion for spring and summer of 2017, it is the size of your handbag that matters most when choosing your new purse. The "micro" handbag is back in style for the first time since the 90s, and super tiny purses were seen all over the runway this spring. If you are tired of carrying around a handbag that has become so heavy that it puts stress on your shoulder, then the new trend is a great excuse to finally commit to a purse "clean out" and transfer only your most important items into your new tiny new handbag!

However, if you have a lot of must-have essentials that you carry around in your purse, then don't worry, because super-large handbags are also in style. One of the most popular large purse styles seen on the spring/summer runways was the duffel bag, although a variety of other styles were also featured. 

When browsing online for your new summer purse, don't be surprised when you see that they are available in a variety of fun prints and metallic colors, or even adorned with short, quirky phrases. The most popular prints this summer are pastel floral prints, animal prints, and pop art prints. 

Even handbag handles and straps are fun this spring, and if you enjoy wearing shoulder bags, then the trendiest strap to choose is one made of chain. If you prefer bags with shorter handles, then look for circular handles made of metal or metal covered in leather. 

Another way handbags were made fun on the fashion runways this year was by the invention of "purse accessories." If you have always loved attaching cute key chains to your handbag handles, then you will be happy to hear that not only are handbag attachments a big trend this year, but designers are actually creating special attachments made to clip on purse handles. 

Fall 2017 Handbag Trends: Look for Bold Straps

If you enjoy investing in a real leather handbag that you can wear all year round, then you will be happy to hear that tiny, micro purses and super large bags are expected to stay in style throughout the fall. However, an additional handbag trend projected for fall 2017 is a greater number of bold handbag straps and handles. 

While any handbag strap that is bold and unique will be in fashion this fall, the most popular purse strap designs seen on the runways were thick, braided-leather straps, faux fur straps, and circular wooden handles. 

An additional handbag style that is projected to become popular this fall is the handheld clutch purse. While clutches are traditionally more popular as an accompaniment for evening wear, they are expected to become popular for use during the daytime this fall, as well. 

If you enjoy updating your wardrobe every season, it is a great year to begin having fun choosing new seasonal handbags. Quirky handbags are back in style this year, and if you purchase a good-quality real leather bag for sale online this summer, you can continue to wear it all fall and winter long, because the handbag trends of all seasons are expected to be very similar. 


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