Why Are Fantasy Novels Perfect For Middle Schoolers?

Posted on: 29 August 2017

If you look on the shelves of your favorite book store, you are likely to see a wide selection of middle-grade fantasy book options. Should you buy one for the middle schooler that's close to your heart? Here are some reasons why fantasy books are great reads for teens. 

They Get the Imagination Going

Sometimes, the balance of school work can start to lean more towards critical thinking during middle school years. Teens start to lose the sense of imagination they had as younger children. You can, in a small way, encourage them to keep that sense of wonder alive by getting them excited about fantasy novels. When these novels include vivid descriptions of places and characters, they jog a teenager's imagination and remind them that make-believe is interesting too. 

They Can Get Your Teenager Hooked on Reading

Reading is a skill that sometimes fades along with the pubescent years, where kids are more focused on learning to socialize. While being well-rounded is important, keeping a love of reading alive is another reason why fantasy novels rock for middle schoolers. Most of these books are written in series, so they are addictive, in a good way. If your child keeps reading throughout middle school and high school, there is a good chance that they will be hooked on reading for life. 

Fantasy Novels Provide Food for Thought

There is only so much experience you can get as a middle schooler. There is only so much you can learn from being able to regurgitate textbook information. When your middle schooler is immersed in a fantasy novel, the author of the novel has a chance to impart some important knowledge on your child. Whether that be by presenting compelling ethical and social challenges or immersing them in a world that resembles a historical or modern day society, your child will have a lot to learn about the way the world works and the things that make us all part of a shared human experience. 

Are you unsure whether your teenager will like fantasy novels? Why not try reading one with them and discussing the story? You can get a sense of whether this is a great genre for them or if you should choose something else to get excited about with your teen. Fantasy books work for many families, but they are, by not means, the only reading material option for teens. To learn more, contact a company like Juliana Ashe


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