4 Snack Ideas To Make Your Home Theater Really Rock

Posted on: 30 September 2017

There are as many reasons why home theaters are becoming more popular as there are homeowners designing them. Whether you want to save money or create a more intimate, fulfilling big screen experience, a home theater is sure to be a top destination for all your entertaining. 

To help you entertain all your friends and family in an over-the-top experience, here are 4 food and drink ideas for any movie night:

Popcorn. Popcorn is the go-to snack for millions of moviegoers, and it may not feel right to play a movie without it. For the freshest and most fun option, look for a popcorn machine for sale online or in a local specialty store. The smell of fresh popped corn will bring everyone running and it recreates the multiplex feeling without the multiplex prices. Want to add a fun and modern take? Try recipes of specialized popcorn, such as caramel or kettle corn. 

Themed Snacks. Have some fun with your movie food by coordinating snacks and drinks with the movie itself. Get the whole family involved in coming up with themed snacks for any movie night. Serve champagne cocktails to go with a classic like "Casablanca" or ice cream during a kids' showing of "Frozen". Simple cookie cutters can help you create any number of movie-themed designs, from "Star Wars" to "The Princess Bride". 

Craft Beverages. Movie theaters have discovered the appeal of offering local craft beers, wines, and spirits to go along with movies. This combination is a great way to relax with friends and enjoy something out of the ordinary along with the familiar experience of watching a movie. Be sure to include some non-alcoholic choices, such as craft root beer or bottled sodas. 

Snack Bar. Recreate the fun of selecting from a variety of classic movie snacks at the snack bar without the high price tag. Get classic candy treats in boxes at your local discount store, and serve them on wire racks at a buffet right inside the theater room. Alongside the sweet treats and cans of soda, add other traditional choices like nachos, hot dogs, and sliders. Or use large glass jars to offer freshly popped popcorn. Complete the look with a handmade chalkboard menu sign. 

No matter what style of movie snack is right for you and your home theater, you can make your next movie night a truly memorable evening for everyone. Contact a company like New England Pretzel & Popcorn CO.  Inc. for more information and assistance. 


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