Three Additions That Will Make Your Tobacco Shop Profitable

Posted on: 23 November 2017

A tobacco shop is the perfect place to combine several ventures into one. As the owner of the tobacco shop, you will need to be able to diversify your shop if you find that the tobacco sales doe not cover the overhead and make you enough profit. There are some additions that you can make to your tobacco shop in order to make it more profitable. Here are a few ways that you can diversify your shop to make it popular with tobacco buyers in your town. 

Stock vaporizers and old time items

A lot of the younger crowd is interested in the vaporizer movement. The vaporizers are similar to electronic cigarettes and can be loaded with liquid nicotine to be smoked. Stocking vaporizers can help you to attract the younger smoking crowd. Another consumer base that you may want to tap into are the people who are interested in making their smoking cheaper or more customized. Some tobacco users prefer to roll their own cigarettes with the tobacco of their preference. Having cigarette paper and loose tobacco available will bring in people who enjoy or need to prep their own smokes. 

Hookah supplies

With hookah lounges popping up in many cities, you could cut out the middleman by offering hookah pipes and smoking supplies for these lounges. It will be easier to make a relationship with your store and make a quick run to your shop, rather than finding another out of town supplier. There are also those who would prefer to throw their own pop up hookah parties. In this case, you can have hookah pipes available for rental., Renting them out for pop up parties can be a money maker, especially if you live in a town full of thriving or up and coming nightlife. 

Spiritual products 

A number of people who enjoy tobacco in cigar form or loose form may also be interested in certain spiritual supplies. Singing bowls, meditation supplies, candles, and spiritual books can all be available in your store. Some people enjoy herbal smoke due to their religion or spiritual beliefs. Having a smoking store set up to also offer a place for people to develop and purchase items in line with their spirituality can make you a one-stop shop. Spiritual items can be set up in their own section in the store to allow users to browse in quiet and select the items that most resonate with them. 

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