Dressing For The Weather: Construction Apparel For Safety And Warmth

Posted on: 20 May 2018

When it comes to working construction, the winter months can be brutal. Cold winds, snow, and inclement conditions can make it hard to stay comfortable while on job sites. The apparel you wear must offer the warmth you need while still keeping you safe at work. This means finding clothing and footwear that are protective and comfortable. Here are a few pieces to consider adding to your winter work wardrobe.

Insulated Steel Toe Boots

Boots with a steel toe can help prevent injuries from falling objects, but you'll want the right pair to get you through the winter months. Look for boots with insulated linings to keep your feet warm and protected from frost bite. The boots should offer enough room in the toe and heel to accommodate thick socks, so consider wearing these types of socks when you try the boots on. Some steel toe boots also come with rubber uppers, which provide water resistance. This option comes in handy if you'll be standing in snow for extended periods of time, as it can prevent melting snow from penetrating your boot and getting your feet wet.

Thermal Reflective Coat

Getting a reflective vest to fit over a heavy winter coat can sometimes be a struggle. However, the reflective properties are essential for keeping you visible, particularly if you work in road construction or demolition. Instead of relying on a vest, look for a thermal reflective coat instead. These coats feature the same outer material and colors as your typical vest, but they also have a warm thermal lining and down or polyester fill to protect you from the cold. Be sure that the coat you select has zippered pockets you can use to keep hand warmers or other essentials, and consider a design with a high collar or hood for added warmth.

Fleece-Lined Coveralls

Fleece-lined coveralls provide a great option for layering on cold days. The fleece lining provides added protection from wind and cold weather, while the one-piece design provides coverage for your whole body. You can choose coveralls with sleeves, which mean you may be able to wear a lighter coat. If you need more freedom of movement, consider coverall bibs, which make it easier to layer shirts and coats with your gear for the day.

As you shop for winter clothing, remember to consider lots of layers and loose-fitting clothing. With the right combination of clothing and footwear, you can stay warm even during long days outside at the job site. Contact a company, like Industrial Shoe Company, for more help.


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