Three Accessories For The Target Shooting Enthusiast To Buy

Posted on: 10 July 2018

People own firearms for a wide range of different reasons, including taking target practice at a local gun range. If you're someone who owns firearms for this purpose, the idea of packing up your rifle and going out for a shooting session can be highly appealing. Becoming a better shooter can be valuable if you also enjoy hunting, but there's something calming and satisfying about some time spent by yourself working on your accuracy. It's a good idea to buy some rifle accessories if you plan to spend a lot of time at the gun range. Here are some suggestions.

Bipod Or Rest Bag

Holding a rifle for an extended period of time at the gun range can be physically demanding. The more tired you get, the more your accuracy can suffer, too. There are a couple different options for alleviating some of the weight of your firearm. A bipod, which you can mount to the bottom of the gun's stock, consists of a pair of folding legs with rubber feet. Using this accessory keeps you from having to hold the gun with your front hand and arm. Alternatively, you can consider a rest bag, which is essentially a low-budget version of a bipod. A rest bag is like a large beanbag that sits under the stock of the weapon and provides support.

Recoil Pad

One part of your body on which target range shooting can take its toll is your shoulder. Each time you pull the trigger, the gun's recoil slams the butt of the gun into your shoulder, which can leave the area bruised and limit your ability to hold the firearm in a comfortable and confident manner. If you'll be doing a lot of shooting, a recoil pad is a must. This simple, padded device clips to the butt of the weapon and provides some cushioning to deaden the impact of the recoil.


An eyeshade is a cup-like device that mounts to your end of the rifles scope and essentially extends it out toward your eye. When you'll be doing a lot of shooting, an eyeshade is a valuable asset because it's curved to form somewhat of a seal around your eye. This helps to block out glare that may be affecting you when you're at the gun range at certain times of the day. Additionally, this simple device may even help you to be more accurate, as it can block your ability to see what's going on around you and get distracted as a result.


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