Benefits of Taking CBD Baths

Posted on: 30 May 2019

CBD oil is everywhere lately. People are taking it orally for pain relief, vaping it to relieve anxiety, and even applying it topically to their skin. Another option you may wish to take advantage of is taking CBD baths. There are bubble baths formulated with CBD. Basically, you add a capful or two to the tub, lower yourself in, and rest for 20 minutes or so. Here's a look at the benefits of taking CBD oil baths from time to time.

Muscle Relaxation

If you have a physical job, you may have a lot of ongoing muscle pain and tension without even realizing it. Even if you just work in an office, sitting in the same position all day can leave you with stiffness in your neck and back. That stiffness can make it hard to sleep and can lead to bigger problems like headaches. CBD baths help relieve muscle stiffness and tension so you feel looser and can relax. You may notice that your sleep improves of you experience fewer strained muscles and other injuries as a result.

Less Irritated Skin

CBD is also beneficial for your skin. If you have really sensitive skin that tends to break out or become dry when you spent time in the sun or use certain products, relaxing in a CBD oil bath can help. The CBD reduces inflammation, which is really at the heart of most skin irritation and skin conditions. It's a good idea to take a CBD bath after you've been out in the harsh wind or salty air all day.

Joint Pain Relief

If you deal with arthritis or even general joint pain from a past injury, soaking in a CBD oil bath is very wise. Not only will the CBD itself help reduce inflammation and pain in your joints, but the warm water will increase the effectiveness of the product. If you have rubbed topical CBD creams and oils onto sore joints before, taking a CBD bath will be similar, but the results may be more pronounced. CBD baths can also be good for joint pain after a reparative surgery to a knee or hip, as long as your surgeon agrees it is safe.

There are numerous CBD bath and body products out there, so shop around for one that has a scent you love and enjoy. Some people like to take a bath once a week, while others use CBD baths daily.


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