Elite Shungite Origins & Uses

Posted on: 20 January 2021

With wireless technology used all around the globe, EMF radiation exposure has become a concern for people. One way to help reduce the impact of exposure is through EMF protective jewelry. One of the main properties of EMF jewelry is a material known as elite shungite. Learn more about the materials, its origins, and how it's formed into jewelry.


When you order anything with shungite in it, try to find the origins of the stone. Authentic shungite is only found in Russia and not any other parts of the world. There are similar stones mined in different areas, but the stones do not feature the same properties or materials as the shungite. Shungite has been exported from Russia for years, including natural unpolished stones and finished pieces known as EMF protective jewelry. The stone itself has a dark black finish with natural reflective properties.

Elite Shungite Uses

In Russia, shungite has several prominent uses all done mainly to protect residents from EMF radiation. For example, several hospitals and spas are known to have shungite rooms. The rooms use shungite tiles on the floor, walls, and ceiling to create a complete shungite zone used for healing and spiritual connections. For example, many people use the rooms to meditate, relax, and have some alone time away from others. If you ever visit Russia, you can book your own session in a shungite room. Some of the first rooms were built in the 1990s after researchers discovered the valuable properties found in authentic shungite. Slowly the rooms have expanded and become more commonplace in Russia.

Jewelry Options

While shungite tiles are uncommon in the United States, you could still purchase a wide range of jewelry you wear on a daily basis. For example, you could wear a beaded bracelet to lessen the impact of EMF radiation caused by cell phone, appliances, and wireless devices. You could purchase a shungite pendant to wear around your neck. You could place a necklace over areas like a key organizer, a closet hanger, or a door hanger to provide extra protection through the home. You do not need to directly wear the jewelry to take advantage of the benefits. Some jewelry pieces come in a key chain form and allow you to to connect the stone to belt loops, backpacks, purses, or wallets. You can also purchase big chunks of the stone to place in bowls or other display pieces within your home.

Choose multiple pieces of jewelry to have a diverse set of options for EMF protection on a daily basis.


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