4 Side Hustles For Nurses

Posted on: 28 July 2022

What are the best side hustles for nurses? Perhaps you're an RN who is searching for a way to make some extra money—but you don't want a full second job that interferes with your current position. Before you branch out into a nursing side job that has little (or nothing) to do with your healthcare experience and expertise, take a look a few examples of side hustles that are perfect fits for RNs.

Personal Shopper

Take this side hustle a step farther than what you would expect from a traditional personal shopper. Instead of buying anything and everything for your clients, focus on helping customers to build a healthy (or healthier) lifestyle. You can put your nursing knowledge to use and suggest, source, and purchase healthier foods, exercise equipment, or anything else your clientele will need to improve their lifestyle factors.

Health Writer

Have you always enjoyed researching, writing, and sharing your medical knowledge? A health, wellness, or lifestyle writer side gig is the perfect complement to your current job. Freelance writers set their own schedules and choose the jobs they want to take. This allows you to work whichever nursing shift you want—and still make extra money.

This type of side job includes a variety of options and opportunities. As an entry-level writer, you could blog about your experiences in the healthcare world, create content for health-related brands, design shopping guides for clients or the general public, or offer expert advice that is grounded in your nursing specialty. As you build your resume you can expand this side hustle and work for your own clients or potentially write for established print periodicals.

Online Healthcare Educator

Share your knowledge and create a class, seminar, or workshop for other nurses, students, or the general public. According to the Pew Research Center, more than half (56 percent) of Americans who work from home use an online platform to connect with others. These types of video conferencing tools provide an easy way to reach your students and teach health-related courses online. 

Internet-Based Health Coach or Concierge

If you aren't ready to start teaching a full group class or seminar, you might want to consider health coaching. Think of the nursing side job as a mini-workshop that you follow up on every day. You can help clients to evaluate their lifestyle needs and walk them through the next steps. 

This type of side hustle could include general health coaching or focus on one specific area, such as substance use, eating habits, or physical activity. You may also want to explore options that directly relate to your primary nursing roles—such as prenatal care, childbirth preparation, women's wellness, pain management, senior living/activity, diabetes care, or another specialty area.

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