3 Types of Turquoise Pendant Necklaces You Can Purchase

Posted on: 23 January 2023

The bright colors and unique patterns found in turquoise make each necklace stand out. But you don't have to rely on the stone alone to find a necklace that fits your personality and preferences. You can shop for necklaces that feature a wide range of shapes and styles. Here are three popular types of pendants you can find:

1. Animal Shapes

A suitably-shaped turquoise stone can represent an animal's head or body. For example, a round stone can have details carved or added to it, making it resemble the face of an animal, such as an owl. A stone can even make up just the center of a design with additional metal details wrapping around the stone to create the rest of the animal's features.

An animal shape can add a lot of personality to your necklace and feature some unique turquoise shapes. In some designs, the stone may represent the full shape and design of the animal. In others, the pendant design can often include different materials such as shells, other stones, or metals. You should be able to find a pendant that fits your style and which depicts an animal you like. 

2. Pierced Turquoise Pendants

Instead of a piece of turquoise framed with a metal enclosure, the necklace strand could go right through the stone itself. Some large pendant designs will feature a stone with a hole pierced in it, with the necklace cord wrapped through the hole. This design choice tends to feature the turquoise stone alone without adding any extra framing elements. Pendant designs of this type range from polished and/or carved stones to stones with a natural shape and finish.

3. Floating Turquoise Pendants

A floating pendant includes a metal casing at the top of the stone to hold the pendant in place. The stone hangs freely, showcasing its color, shape, size, and finish. Teardrops and spheres are common shapes for floating pendants, but there is no limitation on the shape or finish of the turquoise pendant. The metal casing just needs to securely wrap around the top of the stone.

As you shop for a turquoise necklace online, make sure you look at all the details, including multiple viewpoints via images to see how the necklace looks when on display. You can add some really unique pieces to your collection and express your tastes and personality through the designs and the bright and vivid turquoise colors. Check out some of the 18 in turquoise large pendant necklace designs you can purchase and add to your jewelry collection.


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