Consider These Points As You Shop For A Suspended Light Fixture

Posted on: 5 April 2023

Suspended light fixtures can add functionality and style to many different areas of your home. You may want to use one of these fixtures over your kitchen island, over a side table in your living room, or even over a table in your basement that you use for board games and puzzles. A lighting store in your area carries all sorts of suspended light fixtures to suit virtually any type of home decor. You'll see these fixtures in several different materials, so you can find a fixture that works well where you intend to hang it. Here are some points to consider as you shop for a suspended light fixture. 


You can expect to find that suspended light fixtures hang at different heights below the ceiling. Some of these fixtures are designed to hang just a few inches beneath the ceiling, while others are made to hang multiple feet below the ceiling. Lots of suspended light fixtures allow you to adjust the height at which they hang. It's important to think about how you want the light to look in the intended space. For example, if you're buying a light to hang over your kitchen island, you'll likely want it to hang closer to the ceiling so that it's not at eye height when people are conversing across the island.

Light Bulbs

The number of light bulbs in suspended light fixtures can vary significantly. There are lots of these fixtures on the market that have just one light bulb, while others have a number of bulbs. The number of bulbs plays a critical role in how much light the fixture offers, so it's important to consider what other fixtures are in the area. If you're buying a suspended light fixture for an area that tends to be dark, you'll likely want to choose a product that has several light bulbs.


You can expect to see suspended light fixtures in several different shapes, including circles, ovals, rectangles, and a variety of other shapes. You'll want to choose a fixture that has a shape that suits where you're hanging it. A round suspended light fixture can work well over a round table, for example, while a long, rectangular fixture can offer visual symmetry over a long kitchen island. Visit a lighting store in your area to browse its selection of suspended residential indoor light fixtures and learn more about them.


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